On this day, March 14 In Music History

On this day, March 14 In Music History


On this day, March 14 in 1958 – Perry Como became the first musician to receive a Gold record from the Recording Industry Association of America when his song ‘Catch A Falling Star’ managed to sale over one million copies.

1959 – Elvis Presley topped the Billboard Hot 200 album chart with his ‘For LP Fans Only’. Which also was the first album to not include the artists’ name on the cover.

1962 – With ‘Hey! Baby’Bruce Channel started a three week run at the top of the US singles chart.

1963 – With ‘Summer Holiday’Cliff Richard topped the UK singles chart for the seventh time in his career.

1964 – It was reported by the Billboard magazine that the Beatles‘ music made up for astonishing 60% of all the singles sold in the US.

1964 – For the first time ever, the top 10 singles in the UK were all by “homegrown” acts. Interestingly however, The Beatles weren’t part of those 10 acts. But The Rolling Stones were at #5 with ‘Not Fade Away’.

1970 – The Supremes had their first Top 10 single without Diana Ross who left the band to pursue solo career.

1972 – American soul singer Linda Jones died at the age of 27 after falling in a coma while sleeping because of diabetes.

1980 – As a present for his 47th birthday, Quincy Jones received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Not many people can say that they have received such a gift for their birthday.

1981 – Eric Clapton was rushed to a hospital because he suffered a serious attack of bleeding ulcers. And also had to cancel his tour in the United States.

1982 – Metallica made their debut performance at Radio City in Anaheim, California after forming the band in late 1981. The first song they played in front of an audience as a band was ‘Hit The Lights’.

Metallica – Hit the Lights

1987 – With David Gates’ song from 1972 called ‘Everything I Own’Boy George topped the UK singles chart for the first time as a solo artist.

1987 – With ‘Jacob’s Ladder’Huey Lewis and the News scored their third No.1 single in the US. The song however, was written by Bruce and John Hornsby

1991 – Blues singer-songwriter and rock and roll lyricist Doc Pomus died at the age of 65 from lung cancer.

1992 – Bomb threat put an end to a Jay and the Americans concert. But luckily it was a false alarm.

1995 – While in prison, Tupac Amaru Shakur became the first artist to top the Billboard album chart with ‘Me Against the World’.

2005 – Inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: The O’Jays, U2, The Pretenders, Buddy Guy, Percy Sledge.

Metal Bands in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

2008 – Former Foundations member Peter MacBeth was sentenced to six years in prison on pedophilia and sexual assault charges.

2009 – One of the most famous singers in French chanson and French rock Alain Bashung died at the age of 61.

2011 – American electric blues musician ‘Big’ Jack Johnson died at the age of 71 from an undisclosed illness.

2014 – American musician Gary Burger, best known as the guitarist and vocalist for The Monks died at the age of 71 because of pancreatic failure.

2016 – Sony paid $750 millions to Michael Jackson‘s estate to buy-out his share of their joint music publishing venture.


1912 – American jazz musician and bandleader Lester Raymond Brown was born on this day, March 14 in music history.

1922 – American musician and composer Les Baxter was born on this day in Mexia, Texas.

1926 – Singer and songwriter Phil Phillips was born on this day, March 14 in Lake Charles Louisiana. Best known for his 1959 hit song ‘Sea of Love’.

1933 -Record producer, musician and composer Quincy Jones was born on this day in Chicago, Illinois. He has been nominated for a record of 80 Grammy Awards but has won 28 of them. In 1992 he also won a Grammy Legend Award.

1943 – Bass guitarist and singer Jim Pons was born on this day, March 14 in music history. Also known for his work with The Leaves, The Turtles and The Mothers of Invention.

1945 – Founding member of the rock group ChicagoWalter Parazaider was born on this day in Maywood, Illinois.

1947 – English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist John Lewis also known as Jona Lewie was born on this day in Southampton, England.

1947 – English singer-songwriter and pianist Peter Skellern was born on this day, March 14 in music history.

1963 – Heavy metal vocalist Michael Allen also known as Mike Muir was born on this day in Venice, California. Best know for his work with Suicidal Tendencies, Los Cycos and Infectious Grooves. Also has released solo work under the nickname Cyco Miko.

1969 – American musician and drummer Michael Bland was born on this day in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Best known for his work with Prince.

1970 – American singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Kristian Bush was born on this day, March 14 in music history.

1983 – American musician Jordan Taylor Hanson was born on this day, March 14 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Also known as member of the pop rock band Hanson.

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