On This Day, January 4 In Music History

On This Day, January 4 In Music History

Events that happened on this day, January 4

1942 – On This Day, January 4 John McLaughlin, jazz guitarist is born in Doncaster, England.

1956Bernard Sumner, founding member of both Joy Division and New Order is born in Manchester, England.

1960Michael Stipe, R.E.M’s front-man is born on this day in Decatur, Georgia.

1965Beth Gibbons, also known as Portishead lead singer is born on this day in Devon, England.

1965 – On this day, January 4 Leo Fender sells The Fender Guitars company for $13 million to CBS.

1967The Doors released their debut self-titled studio album “The Doors”.

1970Keith Moon accidentally kills his chauffeur and friend Neil Boland with his Bentley while trying to escape from a gang of skinheads.

1972Yes releases “Roundabout”, hit song that relieved a second rebirth because of the internet.

1975Elton John‘s cover of The Beatles’s “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”  hits No.1 on US charts.

2000Oasis declare they will release their fourth album “Standing on the Shoulder of Giants”.

2006Bee Gees‘ co-founder Barry Gibb buys the house where Johnny Cash lived for 35 years.

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