On this day, April 16 In Music history

On this day, April 16 In Music history


On this day, April 16 in 1956 – Buddy Holly released his first single ‘Blue Days, Black Nights’. The song also featured on this final studio album ‘That’ll Be The Day’.

1964 – The Rolling stones released their self-titled debut album through Decca Recrods. The LP topped the UK and the US album chart. In the US however, it was released a month later at the end of May with some track changes.

1964 – Dean Martin recorded his version of the 1947 song ‘Everybody Loves Somebody’. It later became a No.1 hit in the US when it knocked off The Beatles‘ ‘A Hard Day’s Night’.

1965 – British pop-rock band The Hollies made their first live appearance in the US when they played at the Paramount Theater in New York.

1969 – Desmon Dekker became the first Jamaican musician to have a number one record in the UK. He topped the UK singles chart with ‘The Israelites’.

1970 – Only five months after its release, Led Zeppelin‘s single ‘Whole Lotta Love’ became a certified Gold record. The track reached No.1 in Germany and peaked at No.4 in the US and Netherlands. It was also the opening song of their second studio album Led Zeppelin II.

1971 – A week later after releasing it in the UK, Ringo Starr released his second solo single in the US called ‘It Don’t Come Easy’. The track peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100. And even though the song was credited solely to Ringo, he had a little help from George Harrison.

1972 – English rock band the Electric Light Orchestra made their live debut at The Fox and Grehound in London.

1974 – As a supporting act for Mott the HoopleQueen made their first live appearance in the US. They performed at Regis College in Denver, Colorado.

1977 – Even though primarily an actor, David Soul topped the US singles chart with ‘Don’t Give Up On Us’. Also his first of two number one singles in the UK.

David Soul – Don’t Give Up On Us

1980 – Musical composer Morris Stoloff died at the age of 81. In his career he worked with musicians such as Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Dinah Shore and others.

1991 – Rock supergroup Temple of the Dog released their self-titled debut and final studio album. The album was a tribute to the late Andrew Wood who died from a heroin overdose in 1990.

1993 – Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Steve Miller and Don Henley performed at the Hollywood Bowl to celebrate Earth Day.

1996 – For the first time since 1980, all four original Kiss members appeared on stage together. They performed at the 38th annual Grammy Awards in their famous costumes and makeup.

1999 – Co-founder of Moby GrapeAlexander ‘Skip’ Spence died at the age of 53 from lung cancer. Also known for his work as a drummer for Jefferson Airplane.

2010 – After a hiatus long thirteen years, Soundgarden played their first live show at the Showbox in Seattle, Washington.

2013 – Founder of one of the largest music transport companies in Europe, Edwin Shirley died at the age of 64 in London, England. He also worked as film studio manager and impresario.

2018 – With his fourth studio album ‘Damn’Kendrick Lamar became the first hip hop artist to win the Pulitzer Prize for music.


1924 – American composer, conductor and arranger Henry Mancini was born on this day, April 16 in music history. He won four Oscars, a Golden Globe and twenty Grammy Awards for his film and television scores.

1935 – Singer and songwriter Stanley Vinton Jr also known as Bobby Vinton was born on this day in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

1939 – English pop singer and record producer Mary Isobel Catherine O’Brien was born in London. Also known professionally as Dusty Springfield.

1943 – Founding member, guitarist and vocalist of Foghat and Savoy BrownDave Peverett was born in London, England. Also known by his stage name as Lonesome Dave.

1947 – Uriah Heep‘s drummer and backing vocalist Lee Kerslake was born on this day, April 16 in music history. He also worked with Ozzy Osbourne in the 1980s.

1953 – Lead singer of the Australian rock band Midnight OilPeter Garrett was born on this day, April 16 in music history. He is also environmentalist and a former politician. 

1955 – Jamaican DJ Clive Campbell also known as DJ Kool Herc was born on this day, April 16 in Kingston.

1962 – Bassist and singer for the pop-rock band ChicagoJason Scheff was born on this day in San Diego, California.

1962 – Frontman of hardcore punk bands Minor Threat and FugaziIan MacKaye was born in Washington, DC. Also known for his independent record label Dischord Records.

1963 – The youngest sibling of the family music group The OsmondsJimmy Osmond was born in Canoga Park, California. He is also a successful solo artist having sold two Gold albums and one platinum record.

1964 – Frontman of the alternative rock band Soul AsylymDavid Pirner was born on this day, April 16 in music history.

1971 – ‘The queen of Tejano music’ Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was born on this day, April 16 in Lake Jackson, Texas.

1993 – American rapper Chancelor Bennett also known as Chance the Rapper was born on this day, April 16 in music history.

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