10 Interesting Jim Morrison Facts You May Have Not Known

10 Interesting Jim Morrison Facts You May Have Not Known

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Short Bio

Born on December 8, 1943 in Melbourne, Florida – Jim Morrison was a rock and roll legend and sex icon of the sixties. Also known as the lead vocalist of the American rock band The Doors.

He won the public with his distinctive deep voice, poetic talent and of course the feral personality. Often praised by fans and critics as one of the most iconic and influential front-men in rock and roll history.

In 1965, alongside Ray Manzarek (keyboardist), John Densmore (drummer) and Robby Krieger (guitarist) Jim Morrison formed the now world-famous band The Doors. The name of the band however, was a suggestion from Jim Morrison. Who got the idea by a book he had read by Aldous Huxley called ‘The Doors of Perception’.

A year later after they formed the band, The Doors signed a deal with Elektra Records. And at the beginning of 1967, they released their self-titled debut album. Their first single Break on Through did not achieve a big success. However, their second single Light My Fire catapulted them into the stars. It was also their first No.1 hit on the Billboard pop charts.

Despite their world wide success, Jim Morrison struggled with drugs and depression. Which led to his temporarily “departure” from The Doors in the spring of 1971, in attempt to get his life back in order. But sadly in the summer of 1971, Jim Morrison died of a heart failure in the bathtub of his apartment in Paris.

His name and legacy will live on forever.

10 Jim Morrison facts

1. Jim Morrison introduced his rebellious nature to the world on The Ed Sullivan Show

When talking about Jim Morrison’s wild nature, you can’t skip his rebellious performance on The Ed Sullivan Show.
The Doors were supposed to perform Light My Fire live on the show. But because of the song’s obvious reference to drugs (“girl we couldn’t get much higher”). They had to alter their lyrics and not to sing that part while they are on air. However, Morrison as the rebel he is decided to break the promise and sang the “forbidden” lyrics.

2. Had an IQ of 149

Maybe one of the not so surprising Jim Morrison facts is the fact that he had a genius level IQ.
However he still had average score on his SATs. He scored 528 in math and 630 for verbal. Also completed Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts Department of UCLA and even made two films while in college.

3. Received a blowjob while recording a song

Yes, you read that right.

His girlfriend Pamela Courson gave him a head during the recording of You’re Lost, Little girl. The reason? The band wanted Jim to soften his voice but he couldn’t do it because his voice was too deep. And guess what, it worked like a charm!

Jim Morrison facts can be quite strange sometimes.

4. Obsessed with reptiles

One of the already well known Jim Morrison facts is that his nickname is The Lizard King. But why is that so?
Well its because he was obsessed with reptiles and called himself the Lizard King. The nickname however, stuck with him after the release of the performance piece called The Celebration of the Lizard where he says I am the Lizard King, I can do anything. Which I am sure most of the fans have already heard it.
For those who haven’t, here it is

5. Fought with Janis Joplin

One of the wildest Jim Morrison facts is that he fought with Janis Joplin.
It happened at a party in 1967 in L.A that Jim and Janis attended. Apparently, Jim was teasing her and Joplin threw a bottle at his face.

Additionally, for the story to be even more bizarre and to follow up his obsession with reptiles. Jim Morrison left the party and went in the garden to summon a reptile army with a Native American dance. But unfortunately, the summoning wasn’t successful.

6. Arrested on stage while performing

Apparently, before the Doors’ performance in 1967. A police officer found Morrison with a girl in the showers, but did not know it was Jim. The cop told them to leave but Morrison resisted and the cop attacked him with a mace. And the show was of course delayed.

However, later during the performance Jim decided to tell the reason of why the show was delayed. So he did tell the story but supposedly he made some obscene “gestures” and provoked the police officer. Which of course he did not like and arrested him while on stage.

Here’s a video of the incident.

7. Led Zeppelin, who?

When asked about Led Zeppelin and what he thought of them, Jim Morrison said:

 “Tell the truth I don’t listen to rock and roll so I’ve never heard them. Normally I listen to classical music, or Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.”

8. His grave is one the biggest tourist attractions in Paris, France

Jim Morrison died on July 3, 1971 in Paris and was also buried there four days later. However, his permanent resting place wasn’t supposed to be Paris. He was supposed to be relocated to California but that never happened.

Nevertheless, his grave is in the famous Pere’ La Chaise cemetery along with the likes of Oscar Wilde, Honore de Balzac, Frederic Chopin and many others. But what good does that do to a dead man?

His grave has been visited by millions of fans to pay respect. However, some of them vandalized the graveyard with graffiti and even stole the statue of him.

9. Jim Morrison was rescued by Nuns

During The Doors’ European tour in 1968, Morrison was given a powerful drug by Bob Hite which knocked him down unconscious. He was later found by a group of Nuns who took him to a hospital, where he recovered.

10. The 27 club

When talking about Jim Morrison facts you can’t bypass the already well known fact that he is part of the 27 club.

A club of eminent and influential musicians (and artists or actors) who died at the age of 27. Such are Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and so on. Not a club that you would strive to be part of.

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